About Us

Han Al American School was founded in 2007. The campus is centrally  located in zone 14 near Centro Comercial Pradera. We have three areas: Elementary, Middle School and High School.

We are a family oriented school which offers individualized attention to our students. We have an American Curriculum which is completely in English, and we follow the American calendar which begins in mid-August and ends in mid-June. In December we have two and half weeks of vacation, and we have one week off the Easter. We comly with the Ministerio de Educación in Guatemala with 180 school days. The school year is divided into 4 quarters, with report cards at the end of each one. 


We believe in continually seeking better teaching methods, improving our facilities, and creating enriching programs for our students.

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Han Al American School zona 14, 

9na Calle 28 -74, Cdad. de Guatemala 01014, Guatemala

Tel: 2366 1600

+502 31394696